TESTING: MAPS Testing this week!

Dear Students and Parents,

This will be  a busy week for our Tigers, and we want to keep you informed on all of the items below so they are prepared:

Jan. 23-27-  Middle of Year MAP Testing – Mon. – Wed. (Makeups Thurs. & Fri.)

Students will need to bring their district-issued chrome books and chargers to school tomorrow (Monday), where they will take their Science MAP test in class, and leave them overnight for their Math MAP test on Tuesday and Reading MAP on Wednesday. Due to altered schedules on Tuesday and Wednesday, we ask that parents not visit during lunches, as students’ lunch times will differ. Makeup testing will be offered Thursday and Friday.

Monday (Jan. 23rd – 11:00 a.m.) – Deadline: 2nd Semester Club Selection

Club Selection Form – Students must be logged in to their MISD email account to complete the form. Due: January 23, 2023 at 11:00 am. Students will only be able to submit the form once.

Student Growth Incentives

School-wide, students are using Progress Learning, an online program with videos, lessons, and activities that focus on Reading and Math skills, during Advisory twice per week. To celebrate and incentivize growth in these areas, students who show progress by moving their rocket ships up a level will receive tickets for prize drawings each week. Students can work on Progress Learning at home, as well. We have some fun activities for every student that demonstrates growth to enjoy, and we have some fun prize drawings, too. Our Big Prize Drawing will take place during our STAAR Pep Rally where one young lady and one young gentleman will receive a Encourage your student to work in Progress Learning in their spare time. We want to celebrate every student as they GROW!

Click the link to view our Tiger Press Newsletter – Week of Jan. 23rd.

Have a great week, Tigers!

Worley MS Administration