Getting connected to your Classes today!


Today will be a fun and maybe stressful for all of us... trying to get connected with teachers, password logins, etc. Here are a some steps to help you get connected:



ClassLink is an awesome feature on the MISD network where you can reach the apps you'll need to learn and log into them without having to know your password each time. Find your way to ClassLink, log in and you will be on the right track today.



Canvas is Mansfield's Learning Management System (LMS) where your instructors are placing the Modules, Assignments and other activities you will engage through this experience (and from now until you graduate, actually). Your instructors have placed a link for you to get to the next step which is...

NOTE: When logging in to Canvas, make sure you are logged in to your school Google Account ( You may only access Canvas that way.


(If you can get here to and your instructor's face or hear their voice, today has been a successful day!)

Microsoft TEAMS is our face-to-face virtual environment where you can communicate via video with your instructor and other classmates. If you can get to TEAMS and see your instructor's face today... at the correct class block time... you are on track to learning!


If you have any issues with technology, contact our MISD Tech Help Desk at 817-299-HELP (4357). They are AWESOME at getting you the information you need to get connected.


WELCOME BACK, TIGERS. We look forward to seeing your bright faces.