COLOR BATTLE: Update for March 9th

Good Morning Worley Middle School!

As of right now we are at a total pledged amount of: $6,981


Donations can be made online at Worley Middle School (, or cash/check donations are able to be turned into the Apex Team at school as well.

I will announce the Starbucks winners during lunch today!!!

Tonight's Challenge: Tonight’s challenge is the “JUMP Challenge”, which means the TOP 8 STUDENTS that jump up the most in PLEDGES will get a mouthwatering meal from WHATABURGER!!!

Use your code to login to to donate and share by email and mobile numbers to friends and family all over the world

If your student has lost/does not have their access code, you can email our Apex Team Leader at with your student's name, so he can get that code to you!

Let's have an amazing day, Worley!