Campus Procedures for Student Item Pick Up

Worley Tiger Families, 

Beginning Tuesday May 19, 2020, we will allow students to come to the campus at designated times to collect their belongings from their locker as well as turn in items. We have tried to make it convenient for you by holding sessions in the morning and afternoon/evening.

Please know that we must be extremely careful and follow very specific procedures that are outlined below.  You may choose which day, but please adhere to the alpha-split as we are limited to the number of students we may have on campus at a time. Additionally, just like Home Depot and other businesses, the lines may be long, so we ask that you remain patient during this time. The schedule and procedures are outlined below. The link will provide access to a video that gives an overview of the student item pick-up process.


Collection of items and entry to the building will take place at the student drop off entrance at the back of the school near the track. There will be no entry to the campus from the front. We will follow a ONE-WAY traffic pattern.

Exterior of Building

        Stations will be set up outside for: 

        School pictures and Color Battle Prizes

Yearbooks have not arrived we will schedule a pick for a later date.

Library book return and additional will be throughout the building.

(Oversized band instruments can be remain in the car and dropped off in teacher parking lot near the Band Hall).

Interior of the Building

➢     Athletics (All students will enter through the gym)

➢     Male Athletic Locker Room clean out if applicable and uniform return. 

➢     Female Athletic Locker Room clean out if applicable and uniform return. 

➢     Refunds for track shirts

➢     Personal academic locker cleanout

➢     Text book return

➢     Band Instrument Drop Off

**Medication Pick-Up: Medication will only be checked out to parents you will need to park near the track and get a staff member to escort you to the Nurse. **

Overall Process

Students will then be allowed to enter the building to clean out their locker using the following procedures: 

➢     All students will enter through the gym near the pick-up lane of the building and exit through the A-Hall Exit in the teacher parking lot.

➢     If your student does not need to clear their locker and only needs to drop off items, they can do so at the exterior locations posted on the backside of the building.

➢     We will not be accepting any technology check-ins.

➢     Students will stay in cars until they are told to exit. 

➢     Once on campus and waiting to enter the building, students will stand at the marked areas to maintain social distancing. 

➢     Upon entry, students will be given a trash bag, if they did not bring a bag, and sent in small groups to clean out their lockers.

➢     Students needing to clean out an athletic lockers will proceed to the gym and be accompanied to the locker room by a coach.  They will use the exit from the Boys Gym if they do not have anything to clean out of their personal locker that is used for academic classes.

➢     Technology that has been checked out by MISD for distance learning is not being checked in at this time.

Student and Parent Expectations:  

●      No more than 50 students will be allowed in the building at one time.

●      Everyone will maintain social distancing requirements while on campus.

●      Students will need to follow the one way line and walking patterns.

●      Students will have a maximum of 10 minutes to clear their lockers and exit the building. 

●      Students will be required to wear a mask in the building. Gloves are recommended.

●      Consider bringing hand sanitizer to disinfect hands after leaving the building.

Student Pickup of Personal Items from Lockers 

Tuesday, May 19

Last Name A - L  1:00 pm –2:30 pm   

Last Name M - Z   2:30 pm –4:00 pm

Wednesday, May 20

Last Name M - Z 9 :00 am –10:30am     

Last Name A - L  10:30am – 12:00pm

Thursday, May 21

Last Name M - Z  1:00 pm –2:30 pm   

Last Name A - L  2:30 pm –4:00 pm

As always, our primary goal is your child’s safety. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Marcus Brannon

Principal, Rogene Worley Middle School