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Lets Chat About Attendance and Grades

Attendance at school directly impacts grade performance. If students are not attending class, then they are missing out on important instruction and not submitting work to be graded.


Teachers have been asked to communicate with parents when they see that a student is having trouble submitting assignments. We have to alert you that your student is in trouble academically. It is our obligation to make you aware so that you can do something about it. To support student success and ensure that parents are not surprised.


Students still have an opportunity to turn this thing around. They can start by showing up to school (logging in to TEAMS or showing up in-person) and doing the assignments in every class every day. Students can also reach out to teachers to arrange for retests of failed exams. This month, we will rolled out the Spring Credit Recovery opportunity for students to regain credit (up to a 70). This is an excellent way for students to save their Spring semester and possibly pass classes for the entire school year.


We can do this. We can set our kids up for success by making sure that they complete assignments and show up to school.


If you have questions about a grade or see a missing assignment, reach out to the teacher directly. Our teachers are more than willing to help. Again, we want our students to excel not just pass classes. Please help us by encouraging your students to be present and turn the work in.


Please know that this is not a "blame and shame" note to our families. This is a "we've got a problem and we need to fix it together" message. We are in this thing together.