History & Facts

Our School Namesake

Our school was named after Rogene Worley a former Mansfield ISD assistant superintendent from 1976-1982. We serve 7th and 8th grade students in Mansfield, Texas.

Worley was the first middle school in Mansfield and was formerly known as "Mansfield Middle School." The campus was renamed Rogene Worley Middle School when it opened in its present location in 1986.


Worley Tigers...Strive for Excellence, Build Relationships, Accept Responsibility, Focus on Learning, Embrace Change and Appreciate Diversity.

Mission Statement

Combine the efforts of students, staff, families, and the community to create a campus where every student has the opportunity to develop academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Vision Statement

In support of the Worley Middle School mission, our vision is that students strive for excellence in all endeavors and accept responsibility for their academic success AND students, staff, and families build relationships; communicate openly; and are highly involved in all aspects of teaching and learning.

School Colors

Black and Gold



The Worley Pledge

"I am proud to be a Worley Tiger, I am one of the best and the brightest, I can do anything I set my mind to.  I pledge to work hard, respect myself and others, make good choices, and believe in myself at all times.  GO TIGERS!" 

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